Notfairbnb: the Airbnb that raises awareness of the homeless

What if we put ourselves in the shoes of a homeless person? In Belgium, the Solidarité Grand Froid association and the TBWA Brussels agency have developed "Notfairbnb", the Airbnb homeless. Similar in every way to the booking site we all know, Notfairbnb does not offer to rent apartments, nor houses, but pieces of sidewalks.

The idea, you have understood, is here to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless who live alas on the street, even in times of great cold. The funds collected are nevertheless donated to the association and are intended to help the homeless to spend the winter. A relevant initiative that plays on the viral side of Airbnb to raise awareness of this cause. For more information, visit the website of the operation "Notfairbnb".

Video: Solidarite Grands Froids - Notfairbnb - TBWA (January 2020).