Stunning photos of New York emptied of its inhabitants

Genaro Bardy hit again. After Paris and London, the French photographer dedicated himself to the city of New York for his global creative project "Desert in the City". We remind you the principle: Genaro goes around the world's major cities to take rare shots of cities completely emptied of its inhabitants.

Genaro tackled a major challenge here: the city of New York. To achieve his ends and photograph the American metropolis completely empty, he had to go during the Thanksgiving celebration. A week of scouting and nearly 20 km on foot were necessary to make these pictures absolutely amazing.

Genaro has also created a Kickstarter to finance the creation of a book gathering photos of the four cities he has explored: Paris, London, Rome and New York. To fund this great initiative, click here. We let you discover below some photos of the series "Desert in New York".

Video: The tiny island in New York City that nobody is allowed to visit (January 2020).