Banksy launches his hotel with a view of the wall of shame

Banksy, who is surely the best-known street artist in the world, has struck again. If we already knew his creations very visual and committed, Banksy has just crossed a new course by unveiling a surprising hotel overlooking the wall of shame.

The hotel was therefore built in Bethlehem, and it consists of three floors with rooms that offer breathtaking views ... on the separation wall between the West Bank and Israel. Banksy appropriates here the codes of a travel agency by building a hotel offering "the worst view in the world".

At the hotel level, there are references to the many works of Banksy engaged. The rentals start at 30 dollars and there is even a dormitory furnished with equipment of the Israeli army. As you have understood, this hotel is certainly not the new trend in terms of travel and discovery, but is a great work in its own right to denounce the "Wall of shame".

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