IKEA sets up a booth in its stores to help couples unwind

IKEA is one of the most popular chains of home furnishing and decoration stores. But it's also a place that has the reputation of seeing couples arguing over stress and misunderstanding. How to calm the heat and help couples to keep a good relationship? IKEA has developed the "Relationship Saving Station".

It is simply a series of small installations for you to unwind at IKEA, such as a photo with a cute puppy or a jar in which you can confide in Elsa of the Snow Queen. An absolutely unusual idea, which may not help all couples, but which will have the merit of making them laugh.

ote: this is actually an artistic project by comedian Jeff Wisaski, not a real idea set up by IKEA.

Video: Home Office Ideas & Furniture IKEA Home Tour Episode 208 (January 2020).