Put your feet on this interactive magazine to find the perfect shoe

If you are used to runnings, you know that it is very important to find the right shoes. Because running with bad equipment can quickly become very unpleasant and bring you some blisters and other plantar pain.

That's why at Brazil, the agency Neogama proposed to the equipment supplier Asics an unusual marketing operation. In a sports magazine, the brand bought a double advertising page full ofthermochromic ink. The latter has the ability to react to heat, including body, to change color.

You understood the idea. Since we all have different feet, so different needs, you just have to put the magazine on the floor, walk on it to create the mark of your feet on the paper. Your plantar anatomy is now printed and small visuals allow you, depending on the shape of your foot, to recommend the shoes you need (of the Asics brand obviously).

A great marketing idea, which had to cost a nice little budget to the brand but which creates an operation of drive to store effective with the result of a nice fallout on its turnover.

Imagined by:Neogama

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