Pornhub Launches TrickPics: The Snapchat Naughty Pictures

We are not going to lie: there are many people who use Snapchat to send "Nudes" (naked pictures for novices). Of course, the ephemeral side of the application reassures and reinforces its users in this feeling of intimacy. And if we offered them an application that would allow them to really unpack the concept of nude? Pornhub unveils "TrickPics", a new application that presents itself as the Snapchat of sexy photos.

TrickPics is a smartphone app designed to take naughty photos and hide your private parts with filters. In total, the app has more than 15 fun filters, but Pornhub announces that new ones should be making their appearance. To share the photos, you will have to use third-party email applications.

An original and surprising idea, obviously intended for a major audience and aware of the risk involved. We still emphasize the fact of decomplexing the nude and the sexy photo by creating original compositions. A new communication for Pornhub that proves, once again, that it is more than just a pornographic site. For more information, visit the TrickPics website.

Video: PornHub announces New app, "TrickPics" Now YOUR NUDES CAN BE SAFE! 5starline News (January 2020).