Here are the 20 most beautiful bird pictures according to Bird Photographer 2017

Do you like birds? So you will love theBird Photographer of the Year 2017. As the name suggests, this isa competition specializing in bird photography and it's organized by Nature Photographers and the British Trust for Ornithology. The second edition took place recently and we revealed his lot of shots to Breathtaking. This year, it's the photographer Alejandro Priesto Rojas who was awarded"Best Bird Photographer of the Year 2017"for his photo representing pink flamingos feeding their little ones.

Category : Best Portrait · Credits : Alejandro Prieto Rojas

But beyond the obvious aesthetic aspect of the photos, this event is mainly aimed at educate the general public about the importance of preserving nature and the species that compose it. The competition contributes to finance actions of the two organizations that are at the origin. An excellent initiative artistic, and what is more, for a good cause ! To discover all the photos of this 2017 edition, go to the

The battle

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Jose Garcia

Flight of a barn owl

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Roy Rimmer

Blue tit on berries

Category: Best Portfolio · Credits: Markus Maresvuo

At high speed

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Faisal Asnomal

Fishing of the day

Category: The Nature Photographers Ltd Crowd Choice Award · Credits: Vince Burton

Zoom on the eyes of an albatross

Category: Attention to Detail · Credits: Jessica Winter

Gray Heron

Category: Attention to Detail · Credits: Ahmad Al-Essa

At dusk

Category: Creative Imagery · Credits: Markus Varesvuo

Ready for take-off

Category: Birds in Flight · Credits: Jamie Hall

Blackbird feeding on berries

Category: Birds in the Garden · Credits: Roy Rimmer

Swimming eiders (migratory ducks)

Category: Best Portrait · Credits: Pål Hermansen

The perfect landing of a pelican

Category: Birds in Flight · Credits: Bret Charman

Ready to swallow

Category: Creative Imagery · Credits: Joseph Anthony

A raven pie in front of a vulture

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Bence Máté

Song swan in the snow

Category: Creative Imagery · Credits: Wim Van Den Heever

Stork feet

Category: Attention to Detail · Credits: Madalena Straková

Fighting coots

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Andrew Parkinson

A swan under water

Category: Bird Behavior · Credits: Ian Wade

The call of the sun

Category: Young Bird Photographer of the Year · Credits: Ondrej Pelanek

Imagined by:Nature Photographers andBritish Trust for Ornithology

Video: Amazing! Bird Sounds From The Lyre Bird - David Attenborough - BBC Wildlife (January 2020).