At the age of 12, he takes part in a LEGO competition and amuse internet with his creation

The creativity of children is sometimes very fun! While participating in a LEGO competition "Kid Creations" exclusively for children, some Riley old 12 years dared a submission not very ordinary. While all the participants were busy embedding the pieces to make ships and other ships more or less futuristic, Riley just gave a simple LEGO and to name his creation: "Worm(Worm in English).

A creation that inevitably surprised and amused the parents present at the event, so much so that a photo was taken and shared on the internet by a certain Joel Willans mentioning "Riley, you're a genius“.

Because without knowing it, Riley did what is called in the field of art a "readymade": A practice popularized by Marcel Duchamp which did not fail to raise important questions about the definition of art, the role of the artist and the notion of Twentieth century. A tweet that was still shared by more than 86,000 people and love more than 180,000 times !

Riley, you're a genius.

- Joel Willans (@Joelwillans) July 30, 2017

Of course, it may seem a little far-fetched, but that's what the Internet wanted to learn from this fun story that turned into a pretty touch of communication for LEGO! And if the creation of Riley do not like it, here is the one ofHanool at the same competition ... the "Fidget spinner“.

Let me show you what a real genius is, Joel.

- hanool (@ hanoooo14) July 30, 2017

Imagined by: Riley

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