These biodegradable plastic bags grow vegetables

Do you know how many plastic bags are distributed each year in France? More than 5 billion with the crates of supermarkets and more than 17 billion for all sectors! Be more than 500 bags distributed per second. And when we know that a plastic bag puts 450 years to fall apart… it hurts.

Based on this observation, the supermarket chain Edeka and the agency Cheil have decided to innovate by proposing FEEDitBAG : a bag 100% biodegradable which is produced from renewable resources. Each bag has a little pastille which contains seeds (tomatoes, pears, peppers, strawberries, ...) with some planting instructions. And that's where it's very smart! Just fill your bag with all theorganic waste of your consumption and plant it underground.

Bingo! The traditional plastic bag has thus become a biodegradable bag who plants himself to grow vegetables or some fruits. This bag was launched at 150,000 copies in a shopping mall Frankfort-on-Main in Germany and the initiators of the idea hope that the whole industry will use these bags with the objective of permanently remove traditional plastic bags from shops.

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Imagined by: Edeka by the agency Cheil

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