Room 8: the creative short film of 6 minutes that will make you think for hours

Today on Creapills, we want to play with your mind and that by presenting you a short film brilliant as we like to do it regularly. This one will particularly touch you if you like to question yourself about what you just saw when the movie is over. But before looking at it, we advise you to read these few lines.

It goes back to 2012, when the brand of spiritsBombay Sapphire unveiled the "Bombay Sapphire The Imagination Series". This creative contest challenged the directors who wanted it with a particularly original constraint: that of having to make a short film with the same script. Participants could therefore imagine the scenario they wanted but were forced to stage two characters exchanging exactly the 12 replicas following.

Credits : Bombay Sapphire The Imagination Series

A script written by the renowned screenwriter Geoffrey S. Fletcher, who received theOscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2010 for the film Precious. And as you most certainly know, creatives love to work with constraints and it's not the winning creations which will make us say the opposite.

In total, 5 movies have been rewarded by this contest. And among them, one really stands out and it's the director'sJames W. Griffiths. The name of the movie is Room 8 and he also won the 67th Short Film Awardto the famous BAFTA 2013 : the British equivalent of the Oscars of American cinema. And believe us, this little film can put your mind and your imagination to the test.

Editor's note : Even if the script is written above, you can enable French subtitles by clicking on the small icon next to the gear in the player below.

Room 8 by James W. Griffiths

A true gem of creativity that, we hope, has lit up your day as much as it has done with ours. If you want to see how it was done, the film crew shared the making of sure Youtube.

And you can well imagine that we will not leave you like that, without making you discover the other short films which, as we told you above, have exactly the same script as Room 8. You will find totally different scenarios and atmospheres often the opposite of the film you just saw ... and that's also extraordinary in terms of creativity.

Concrete by Alexis Barroso Gasco

The Mrs by Shekhar Bassi

Water Song by Paul Frankl

Crab by Cadi Catlow

Some pictures of Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Credits : Room 8

Imagined by:James W Griffiths

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