Imagine a creation for the Secours Populaire as part of the Saxoprint Creative Awards

The printer Saxoprint is back this year with a 4th edition of Creative Awards. To summarize the idea, every year, Creative Awards offer creatives from all walks of life, whether amateur or professional, to express their talent. This national challenge takes the form of a competition which aims to give birth to a communication campaign that highlights a good cause.

And for this fourth edition, the Saxoprint Creative Awardspartner with French Popular Rescue. The challenge for creative people: imagine a campaign on the precariousness of children, in France and in the world, which will be the object of a posting operation relayed on the social networks and the network Médiatransports.

This year's contest comes in two formats that call on two very specific skills: a competition print around creating posters and a contest video which challenges filmmakers to make a short film of up to 30 seconds on this theme.

Pascal Grégoire, president of the agency The thing and president of the jury of the Saxoprint Creative Awards, speaks about the choice of the subject of this 4th edition:

I am delighted to chair the Saxoprint Creative Awards for the second year. This year we will help the French Secours Populaire and through it the children who live in precariousness. If all the causes deserve the interest, this one is for me vital because we speak about our children and our future. Last year, I was able to judge the quality and the power of this great advertising contest that reveals each year highly creative and highly visible campaigns.

Creapills was also chosen as jury and official partner of the event, and we hope that this edition 2019 will be successful and will result in a magnificent awareness-raising operation for the French Popular Rescue, which works every year, with its 80 000 volunteers in France, to help more than 3 million of people living in poverty (of which 1 million are children). The official ambassador for the 2019 edition was also unveiled: he is the journalist Patrick Poivre d'Arvor.

Creative: you have up February 2019 to send your creations and try to bring your stone to the building in this fight against the precariousness of the children in the world. You will find more information on the official website of Saxoprint Creative Awards. In the meantime, you can take a few minutes to discover the movie teasing of the 2019 edition made by the students of the school Sup of Creation.

And to inspire you, here are our favorite creations awarded for the first three editions, in support of the WWF and to Eating heart :

Credits: Camille Covemaeker and Sarah Delannoy (2018)

Credits: Audrey Bohnert and Caroline Guérin (2018)

Credits: Audrey Bohnert and Caroline Guérin (2018)

Credits: Thibault Chancerelle and Antoine Gesson (2016)

Credits: Batien Rondreux (2016)

Credits: Pierre Gaudouin and Céline Lentz (2015)

Credits: Jean-Philippe Bonnier (2015)

Credits: Laura Humber (2015)

Imagined by: Saxoprint Creative Awards

Video: Imagine On The Cross - Resurrection Sunday 2011. New Creation Church (January 2020).