In the Canary Islands, the sand of this beach looks like popcorn

You are already planning the destination of your next vacation summer? So it's pretty good, because today, we propose to discover a beach which is unlike any other and obviously, much fun for Internet users around the world.

Cape Town for Canary Islands, and more precisely on the island of Fuerteventura to discover an amazing sand beach. This beach located at Corralejo has some success on social networks thanks to its sand with an absolutely unusual appearance, which makes one think ... pop corn. And inevitably, it changes beaches of fine sand or pebbles.

But how is it possible? In reality, this beach consists of white corals stranded that mix with volcanic rocks. It is this mix that gives birth to this improbable combination that looks like real pop corn. On the other hand, you are obviously advised against chewing in ...

For the anecdote, local tourism knows perfectly play this singularity, since this beach is known under the names"Popcorn Beach" andPopcorn Bay ". It must be said that the tourists who go there and who share their most beautiful clichés on the social networks offer Canary Islands the most beautiful of communications. We let you discover below some snapshots of this unique beach taken by Internet users who prove to us, once again, that our planet is amazing and is full of places Unusual and surprising who deserve to be known ... and to be preserved as long as possible.

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Video: Canary Islands Beach has Sand that Looks Exactly Like POPCORN. in Spain (January 2020).