In Bordeaux, this bakery sells grape buns under the name of "raisintines"

This is the real question that divides the southwest of the rest of France: should we say "chocolatine" or "chocolate bread" ? A question not so trivial since she was invited last May in the ranks of the ANational Assembly, although the amendment aimed at restoring its nobility to the chocolatine was rejected.

If we're talking about this today, it's because a bakery of Bordeaux had the idea to revive this eternal debate by renaming its Bread With Grapes in "Raisintines". On Tuesday, February 5th, Bastien Pean, a user, posted a photo on Twitter showing the front of this famous bakery that highlights its "Raisintines".

It's going Bordeaux, you do not bother too much?

- Bastien Péan (@BastienPean) February 5, 2019

It was enough to revive the debate on the web that is taken very seriously and that, each time, flow a lot of ink. Nevertheless, the idea seems to have been democratized in several bakeries in the south-west. A way to be noticed, to show your attachment to terroir and to value the pastries of the South-West. The only question now is: when will the "Croissantine" ?

Credits: @BastienPean

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