This computer scientist develops a make-up that misleads facial recognition software

Have you ever been noticed? According to the last count made by the CNIL in 2012, 935,000 surveillance cameras are installed on French territory. Whether at the counters of banks, in car parks, metro corridors and even in workplaces, between shops and private spaces, this is a package! In 2014, a report mentioned nearly 50,000 cameras installed by the government and communities. In Russia, Grigory Bakunov, an employee of the technology company Yandex, no longer wanted to be spotted by these cameras who watched him all day. He therefore developed a algorithm to create a specific makeup who cheats the facial recognition software.

This willingness to recognize anyone is a step put in place by the government before the probable generalized surveillance of the Russian population, as is already the case in several Chinese cities where cameras identify pedestrians crossing at a red light. Yes Grigory Bakurov remains vague about the functioning of its algorithm, its solution allows to scramble facial recognition devices: "The service offers futuristic makeups to trick smart cameras with just a few lines on the face."With the various shapes and colors, these lines manage to prevent the facial recognition devices from identifying the person who wears them. In the same field, Wan Xihas created a shelter that uses this technology to provide a safe haven for stray cats.

Credits : Grigory Bakuno

Credits : Grigory Bakunov

Imagined by: Grigory Bakunov

Video: Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm - Part 13 Smarter Every Day 213 (January 2020).